Toast & Teach

Toast and Teach is a place for faculty to meet and learn from one another. We provide the expert and you provide the wine! We are scheduled to meet on Fridays, with content on selected Fridays as listed below.

We're also here for your social needs, with the complimentary Toast & Talk, for those Fridays you just need fellow faculty to chat with while trying your favorite beverage.

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Miss Our Previous Talks?

Quality Matters - Bringing Online Courses to the Next Level

Dr. Allison Divine presented an overview of Quality Matters (QM). QM has been adopted by our Business and Nursing departments in an effort to improve the quality of their online and blended courses.
Allison is the director of the MSN program, which has adopted the QM framework for their online nursing courses.
Dr. Trudi Sabaj hosted. Trudi is in the process of obtaining QM certification and will be sharing her experiences in a blog to be published after this event.

How Can I Know If My Online Course Needs Improvement? - Some Resources for Self-Reflection in Instruction

Jacob Mills introduced various rubrics and resources for assessing online courses with the goal of improving them, starting at any level. You can access a pdf of his discussion slides below:

Last Week

Does My Course Meet the Needs of Everyone?
Friday, April 16 -- 4:00 pm

Dr. Glenda Hyer presents an overview of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in this talk. UDL provides a framework for designing curriculum that caters to a variety of different learning styles and is especially helpful for meeting the needs of our student population that require various accommodations.

Glenda currently teaches a graduate-level class on UDL in our Special Education department.

Next Week!

Academic Theme Year 2021-2022
Pilgrimage: A transformational Journey
Friday, April 23 -- 4:00 pm

Dr. MaryJane Dunn-Whitener will present the proposed academic theme for the 21/22 academic year at Henderson State University.

An academic theme year is exactly what it sounds like: a two-semester sequence, fall and spring, in which a broadly applicable theme is applied in a cross-disciplinary manner and related to a variety of academic and non-academic endeavors.

Join us to find out more about what we mean by "Pilgrimage" and how you can be a part of teaching students in an interconnected way!

Toast and Talk
Friday, April 02 -- 4:00 pm
Friday, April 30 -- 4:00 pm

Put every Friday on your calendar! The weeks we don't have a seminar, we still think it's a great idea to have a community. Toast and Talk is our outlet for faculty to virtually connect. If you like sharing ideas, that's great, but sometimes just having a little laughter is enough.