Peer Academy, Fall 2019

Sept 09

Our guest Dr. Mike Taylor spoke about the power of story-telling technique in opinion writing, and how to achieve it.
To the right you will find Dr. Taylor’s exercise and presentation.
Unfortunately, video for this talk is not available due to technical difficulties. Future talks will be available, however, by video format.

Sept 30 –

Our guest Dr. Rick McDaniel spoke about the importance of project-based learning, and how it benefits students’ understanding of not only engineering, but diverse topics.
To the right you will find Dr. McDaniel’s presentation.

Oct 28 –

Our guest Dr. Randy Duncan shared his research into visual processing of historical thinking masters and tied it to absorption of knowledge and note-taking.
To the right you will find Dr. Duncan’s presentation.

Nov 18 –

Our guest Dr. Doug Heffington shared his technique for bringing students perspective on the notion of walls and their meaning in world societies, extending well beyond simple physical structures and into anthropological meaning.
To the right you will find Dr. Heffington’s presentation.

Dec 02

(rescheduled) –

Our guest Dr. Travis Langley showed us how he teaches psychological assessment and critical analysis in a creatively removed way: by utilizing fictional characters, he empowers students to critically think about loved – or hated – complex personalities from a safe distance.
To the right you will find Dr. Langley’s presentation.
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